Grain Beer Recipes

The craft grain beer recipe packs offered allow the home brewer to create a delightful craft beer or to use as a base recipe to develop into your favourite craft beer. We have include some current favourites : Belgain IPA, Australian IPA, American IPA, American Pale, Nevada Pale Ale, German lager, Irish Cream Ale, and some modern craft beer such as Mosaic Hopped Ale and Honey Kolsch.

Our beer recipe packs produce home brew craft beer ranging from lower end session ales of 4.5% ABV to the higher end Belgian IPA of over 8.5% ABV. Our recipes use Australian malt, USA Malt, German Malt, English malt, NZ malt, and a variety of hops and craft yeast from around the world.

***It is recommended when a recipe SG exceeds 1.050 two (2) yeast sachets are used during fermentation or a quality yeast nutrient is used during fermentation.***

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Grain Beer Recipe Packs

American Pale Ale Recipe Pack

An American style Pale Ale made with USA hops,possessing a ...

Total: $ 39.95

American IPA Recipe Pack

An American IPA recipe pack containing Pale Ale, ...

Total: $ 43.95

Nevada Pale Ale Recipe Pack

Sierra Nevada style pale ale. ABV; 4.2% IBU: 38.2. Hopped ...

Total: $ 35.95

Motor Monkey Australian IPA Recipe Pack

Motor Monkey Recipe Pack Approx ABV: 4.3%. IBU: 37.5. ...

Total: $ 39.95

Aussie Summer Session Ale Recipe Pack

Aussie Summer Sesion Ale. ABV: 4.2%. IBU: 26.7. Creates a ...

Total: $ 32.95

Bohemian's Pilsner Recipe Pack

Our Bohemian's Pilsner recipe pack creates an Aussie ...

Total: $ 43.95

Mosaic Pale Ale Recipe Pack

Australian beer malts, hopped with popular Mosaic hops.

Total: $ 43.95

German Lager Recipe Pack

A German Lager malted with Light Munich, Vienna, and ...

Total: $ 43.95
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