Bohemian's Pilsner Recipe Pack

ABV: 4.7%. Our Bohemian's Pilsner recipe pack creates an Aussie Pilsner styled on a true Bohemian Pilsner.
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Our Bohemian's Pilsner recipe pack creates a true to style Bohemian Pilsner but with an Australian twist.  Malted with Australian Joe White Pilsner Malt, created to match the characteristics of true European Pilsners malts, it offers a light golden colour and smooth clean malt flavours. Joe White Pilsner Malt adds purposeful character to our Bohemian Pilsner. Followed by Joe White Light Crystal Malt contributing colour, caramel notes, and foam stability. Topped off with Weyermann Acidulated Malt to lower wort pH giving better mash efficiency, intensified fermentation, lighter color, and enhanced flavor.

Our Bohemian Pilsner is spicy with citrus notes. It is bittered with Magnum European hops: a hop capable of providing clean bitterness and a citrus flavour. Then Saaz, with its 700 year history originating in Bohemia itself, now part of the  Czech Republic. With Saaz we are doing more than just adding a noble hop, we are following a tradition. It adds wamth, and a distinctive classic aroma to our Bohemian Pilsner. Then brewed cold with a European Lager yeast to make a true Bonza Pilsner. The final result we believe is great Aussie beer.

The full grain kit includes the following -

Grain Bill
4.0kg Joe White Pilsner Malt
250g Weyermann Carapils
125g Weyermann Acidulated Malt

Hop Additions

25g Magnum – 60 minutes
25g Saaz – 30 minutes
25g Saaz – 10 minutes

Other Additions

Whirlfloc Tablet – 5 minutes
Premium European Lager Yeast (This yeast must be brewed cold.)

Recommended Mash Temperature – 67°C

Mash Time – 60 minutes

Recommended Mash Sparge Temperature – 76°C

Hop Boil Time – 60 minutes

Batch Size – 23 Litres

Original SG: 1048

ABV - Approx 4.7%


***This recipe is provided without any guarantee of the final result,  because  the  technical  equipment used, procedures, and craft brewing expertise,  may  vary  from  one  brewer  to  the  next.***

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