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Australian Residents: 

Condensers may only be legally used in Australia for water purification, harvesting organic oils, or for processing vegetable oils or bio fuels.

A minimum of an Australian Government licence is required in Australia to extract ethanol for commercial purposes. State requirements and Municipal By-laws may also apply. You can not obtain a licence to distill alcohol for personal consumption.

Maximum boiler, keg, urn, or pot size 5 litres capacity.

International sales:

Before purchasing ethanol extraction equipment or plant please ensure you have accurate knowledge of the laws applicable to your country with regard to at home distillation equipment.

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AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Condenser.

The AlcoEngine is a full copper, liquid management, reflux ...

Base price with tax:
Total: $ 219.95

Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Condenser

Genuine Turbo 500,stainless steel fittings,serial numbered.

Base price with tax:
Total: $ 351.95

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