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Cures are required for the safe processing of crafted meats such as: Jerky, Bacon, Salami,  ham, and smoked sausage. Curing effectively extends the life of crafted meat products. Nitrate and Nitrite salt blends have become the global standard as curing agents.  You may know of them as Prague Powder or Pink Cure. The Misty Gully Cure packs offered are perfectly balanced cures with the right combination of cure ingredients.

Meats cured with Cure #1 Nitrite must be heated to a minimum 600C core temperature. Your heating device must always be set to a much higher temperature to achieve the desired heat transfer. Always give your hot dried meat enough time for the heat to reach the meat core. Use a digital probe if possible to check the meat's core temperature.  Use Cure #2 Nitrate blend for cold smoking or cold drying at below 600C core temperature. Nitrate cures used at below 600C need time for the Nitrates to break down so they are suitable for human consumption. Do not use high temperatures with Nitrate cures.

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Meat Cures

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Misty Gully Bacon Cure 1.0kg

Misty Gully Maple Bacon Cure processes up to 20kg of meat ...

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Total: $ 19.95

Misty Gully Cure#1 2% Nitrite 500g

Suitable for hot smoked semi-dried sausage: Kransky, ...

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Total: $ 11.99

Misty Gully Cure#1 6.25% Nitrite 500g

Suitable for: Prosciutto, Country Ham, Bacon, Capicola,and ...

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Total: $ 11.99

Misty Gully Cure#2 6% Nitrite 4% Nitrate 500g

Suitable for: Salami, Biroldo, Ciauscilo, Rohowurst, ...

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Total: $ 11.99

Misty Gully Kosher Salt 1kg

Made in Australia and certified Kosher. Used in curing ...

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Total: $ 11.50

Misty Gully Stainless Steel Injector 50ml

Misty Gully Stainless Steel 50ml volume Marinade or BBQ ...

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Total: $ 23.95

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