There are a range of factors a brewer can control which influence Turbo Yeast fermentation. The following list may provide some insights as why variations in fermentation outcomes occur:

Yeast type chosen
Pitch rate of the yeast
Type of yeast nutrient used
Temperature range to which must, wort, or wash is subjected
Adequacy of yeast nutrient available to support temperature variations.
The quantity of sugar available for fermentation
Type of sugars chosen and its fermentability
Oxygenation or aeration of must, wort, or wash to support fermentation
Nitrogen content of the must, wort, or wash
Starting acidity or alkalinity of must, wort or mash.
Equipment maintenance and basic cleaning
Influence of wild yeasts during fermentation.
Sanitation chemicals and sanitisation practices used by the brewer.
Overall brewer techniques and practices

Australian home brew market turbo Yeasts have been developed from high ethanol toleranant yeast strains. They are capable of producing up to 21% ABV alcohol in small 25 litre volume washes.  It should be considered when high  levels of alcohol are produced, increased quantities of sulphides, fussel oils and other impurities also occur. This usually requires effective carbon treatment, and oak aging . Nothing contained herein is representative of a warranty or guarantee. Different outcomes may be achieved by different brewers.

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Distiller's Turbo Yeast

Alcotec Carbon 48 Turbo Yeast

9.0kg Sugar. Recommended 18-21 degrees. Winter yeast. High ...

Total: $ 10.95

Alcotec 48hr Turbo Yeast

Max 9kg sugar, 25 degree drop in temp, capable of 21% ABV.

Total: $ 10.50

Alcotec Red Hot Heat Tolerant Turbo

Genuine heat tolerant up to 40 Celsius. Stackable to ...

Total: $ 9.99

Samuel Willard's 48Hr Turbo Yeast

Max 8kg sugar, 24 degree drop in temp, 20%ABV in 5 days.

Total: $ 9.95

Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast

Classic 8 Turbo Spirit Yeast processes max 8kg sugar, 30 ...

Total: $ 9.50

Still Spirits Fast Turbo Yeast

Rec 6kg Sugar, Up to 40 degree drop in temp, 13.5% ABV in ...

Total: $ 11.99

Still Spirits Air Still Fermentation Kit

Kit contains: yeast,liquid carbon and clearing agent for ...

Total: $ 8.95

Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Pack

Stills Spirits Turbo Trio to make high quality spirit.

Total: $ 16.95

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