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The Australian Standard states a product must contain zero (0) gluten to be Gluten Free. The International Standard for gluten free defines less than 20ppm (20 parts Gluten per million) as Gluten Free. An imported grain beer product is available which proposes to reduce the haze in grain beer wort while also reducing some of the gluten found in traditional wheat or barley beer wort.

This level of gluten reduction may still be unsuitable for some persons with Gluten sensitivity. Gluten Free beer is usually made from Sorghum malt. Not only are our kits made from Sorghum Malt but they are also gluten free to the Australian standard. The kits we offer are pre-boiled during the initial hopping process so unlike other Gluten free kits you don't need to spend time boiling the Sorghum malt. You use the kits we offer just like a standard wheat or barley extract tin.

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Gluten Free Pouches

Gluten Free American Pale Ale

Totally Gluten Free Craft American Pale Ale. Mangrove ...

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