Mangrove Jack's Isinglass Finings 1lt

Moves wine or beer towards crystal clear when used as finings before bottling.
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 Isinglass Liquid Finings

Mangrove Jack's Isinglass Finings are used as either wine finings or beer finings.

They are used to improve both beer and wine clarity and taste.

Isinglass Finings removes unwanted compounds and improves flavour.

For 25L extract 250ml of beer/wine, add 100ml isinglass finings & mix well.

Then add mixture back to fermenter with airlock fitted.

Stir well. Leave 24-48 hours before bottling beer.

For wine a longer duration may be required.

Treats: 250lt of wort or must.

Useage: 4ml/lt

Contents: 1000ml

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