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Pot Still Condenser (Copper)

Craft brewing copper pot still condenser.
Still Spirits Copper Pot Still Condenser
Total: $ 204.99

Still Spirits Pot Still Condenser fits Australian 5lt Turbo 500 boiler lid, Mangrove Jacks 25lt grain boiler lid, and a Keg King 25lt Turbo Boiler lid. however for best output it should be couple with an Alembic cone.

Due to being pure copper it does not require sacrificial copper for sulphide removal. Simply was well before each use with suitable cleaner which does not oxidise metal surface. Discard first portion of collection as advised as it may contain cleaner residue, and other impurities.

Comes with hoses, tap attachment, and digital temperature probe. It can be used with a range of fermented products.

Accessoiries: Still Spirits Botanical's Basket

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