Fermenter O Ring Sizes

When replacing O-rings for carboy fermenters ensure you purchase the correct O-ring.  O-rings come in different sizes to fit various carboys:

AMPI - 10mm thick with a 245mm diameter

Atlas - 7mm thick with a 270mm diameter

BMW/Rheem - 10mm thick with a 190mm diameter

Davis - 8mm thick with a 245mm diameter

VB - 8 mm thick with a 220mm diameter

* Make sure you measure the O-ring you want to replace so your new O-ring is a correct fit!

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Brewery Fermenter Parts

Snap Tap 20mm Red

20mm carboy snap taps have an easy to use cam lever action ...

Total: $ 11.99

Three Piece Senior Airlock

Three piece tapered shank Senior airlock/bubbler.

Total: $ 4.99

Top Hat Grommet 30lt Pail

Designed for 30lt Mangrove Jack's pail lid with 12.5mm ...

Total: $ 2.35
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