Green Living Liquid Rennet 50ml

Green Living Australia Liquid Rennet includes dropper cap. Treats 250lt of milk.
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Green Living Australia Liquid Rennet

Green Living Australia Liquid Rennet 50ml

Liquid rennet offered by Brewing Supplies Online is used for milk coagulation. The usual dosage rate is 2 mls per 10 litres of milk, although this may vary for some cheeses, or if using lipase. Green Living liquid rennet is suitable for vegetarians.

Before adding to milk please dilute with approximately 10 times the rennet volume with cool boiled water, and add to the milk, stirring for no more than 3 minutes.

Please note: All store bought bottled milk will need some calcium chloride. Pasteurisation and the subsequent cooling and cold storage of milk reduce the rennet coagulation properties of the milk. The addition of calcium chloride assists in reversing this change and is required in all milk that has been heat treated and then cooled, such as commercially pasteurised milk.

In a perfect world, milk should be pasteurized immediately before cheese making, and should not be cold stored before use. If this cannot be achieved, then use Calcium Chloride.

Rennet - FPC 190 IMCU/ml

Contents: 50ml

*** Store Green Living Liquid Rennet in refrigerator as soon possible after delivery. Do not freezer store***

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