Still Spirits Whiskey Profile Kit

Craft Whiskey Profile Kit helps you create your own whiskey flavours or create styles similar to some commercial spirits.
Still Spirits Whiskey Profile Kit
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Still Spirits Whiskey Profile Kit

Have you tried a few different whiskey essences but can't find what you really like. Then maybe it's time to craft your own home brew whiskey essence.  The Still Spirit Craft Whiskey Profile Kit provides the home brewer whiskey flavour notes so you can craft your favourite whiskey style to match your preferences. Flavour notes like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are just some of the notes that make up a whiskey. The Still Spirits Craft Whiskey Profile Kit contains all the measuring equipment you will require for accurate dosing. Still Spirits have included 14 profiler's essences, a pipette, and a small syringe.

A comprehensive Whiskey Recipe Book is included with many premium whiskey recipes  to appeal to a wide range of connoisseurs, including approximate formulations of famous brands. Advanced users will want to design their own whiskey completely to taste and the Recipe Book contains a full description of the attributes of each different flavour note to assist you with your design.

*Please note for the purpose of a balanced photograph an extra bottle of glycerine has been added to the photograph.*

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