Green Living Cheese Press (HDPE Base)

Green Living Australia Stainless Steel Cheese Press With 22kg Tension Spring
Green Living Australia Cheese Press With 22kg Compression Spring
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Green Living Australia Stainless Steel Cheese Press

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The Green Living cheeseis a traditional style press. Is press base is HDPE, which is a food grade plastic, and is the industry choice.

The threaded rod, nuts, and washers, etc. are all 316 Stainless Steel.

With the mechanical advantage of a thread, it can be easy to over press your cheese. The included 22 kg spring ensures that you do not apply too much pressure.

15 or 22 kilograms are frequently requested pressures for overnight application to hard cheeses. If you don't have weights that are convenient enough to sit on top of your cheese hoop, or basket and follower, this is a very easy way to get the job done.

You will know when the pressure is 22kg, simply because this specially manufactured spring will be fully compressed, and 15kg, or close enough is when the spring is approximately 3/4 compressed.

This simple cheese press is made to suit cheese baskets up to 180 mm wide and 175 mm high.

 ***The main goal is not to over press your cheese.***

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Green Living Australia Cheese Press Assembly


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