All Inn Brewing Japanese Lager

All Inn Brewing Japanese styled lager has razor sharp crispness, with lemon and lime flavours and herbal, earthy notes. Japanese Lager fresh wort creates 20lt of craft beer.
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All Inn Brewing Japanese Lager

All Inn Brewing Japanese Lager Fresh Grain Wort

All Inn Brewing Japanese Lager offered by Brewing Supplies Online creates a nimble, Japanese styled rice lager. A craft beer grain wort born from the blend of traditional and super-modern brewing.

It has a careful balance of malt flavour and razor sharp crispness.

All Inn Brewing Japanese Lager craft beer grain wort is malted with lager and light grains.

Hopped with Czech Republic’s Saaz and Japan’s Sapporo Breweries Sorachi Ace: a hop match producing lemon and lime flavours with herbal, earthy notes.

A fantastic addition to your home brewing supplies.

Fresh wort cube size 15lt. Add 5lt of water,  cube contents, and yeast to carboy.

Recommended yeast: Morgan's Premium Lager yeast, S189, or other lager yeast of your choice.


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