These items are usually pre-wrapped, pre-bagged, boxed, kits, or packaged as a single item when multiple items. They are offerred as a single item for purchase. For the purpose of clarity for the purchaser they maybe advertised without wrapping, bagging, or manufacturer boxes. 

If you live in Ballandean, Crows Nest , Dalby, Gatton, Highfields , Laidley, Oakey, Meringindan, Millmeran, Pittsworth, Plainlands, Stanthorpe, or Toowoomba and purchase $110 - $130.00 of "consumable  goods only"  in one purchase from Brewing Supplies Online and your order meets stated  "conditions"  (It must fit into a single carton and weigh less than 2.5kg) then it's  free freight for that purchase. Freight is calculated on actual mass or volumetric mass depending on which is the greater.


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Beer & Wine Bundles

Turbo Klar Bundle

Two part finings bundle used to clarify wine.

Price: $ 14.50

Mangrove Jacks Liquid Beer Finings Bundle

Liquid Beer Finings bundle of three (3) sachets.

Price: $ 6.15

Mangrove Jack's Finings 5 Pack

Discount bundle of 5 Mangrove Jack's beer finings.

Price: $ 5.99

Mangrove Jack's Dry Enzyme 5 Pack

Dry enzymes are used for making drier, lower carb beer ...

Price: $ 8.99

EC-1118 Wine Yeast Bundle

Bundle of five (5) sachets suitable for wine, cider, mead, ...

Price: $ 14.99

Brewing Sugar 3kg

Brewing Sugar is 99% pure food grade Glucose powder.

Price: $ 13.99

Safale US-05 x 3 Bundle

Good all round dried yeast. Definitely a kit beer improver.

Price: $ 12.95

Crown Seals Gold 250

Suits standard "crown" seal bottle.

Price: $ 9.95
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