Calcium Chloride 50ml

Calcium Chloride milk conditioner or used in preserving to maintain organics crispness.
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Green Living Australia Calcium Chloride

Green Living Australia Calcium Chloride 50ml

Green Living Australia Calcium Chloride is a 30% salt solution which generally improves the rennet coagulation properties of milk and this is particularly true when using pasteurised milk previously stored in a refrigerator. 

Pasteurising and then cold storing milk impairs the milk’s rennet coagulation properties, reduces the recovery of protein and fat, and reduces cheese yield. With the addition of Calcium Chloride, which is a salt solution, solves this problem with milk purchased from the grocery store, and allows you to make cheese with this milk by restoring the milk’s ability to coagulate and form a good curd with the addition of rennet.

Sometimes even if you know that your Rennet is "in date" but still isn't producing the desired curd, addition of Calcium Chloride to the milk, before Renneting can solve the problem. You can even add it the previous day if you wish.

Using Calcium Chloride when making cheese with goat's milk is a must as goat's milk goes through a kind of natural homogenisation within the goat's body.

A small amount of Calcium Chloride can also be added to your brine solution when you are soaking your cheese. The Calcium Chloride in the brine will reduce the amount of calcium "bleed" into the brine from the cheese, thus stopping the "melting effect" or sliminess that some cheeses can get when they are soaked in brine.

The addition of a few drops per litre of milk can help strengthen the curd, resulting in a thicker yoghurt.

***Always add the Calcium Chloride before Renneting the milk. It is important not to overdo the addition of Calcium Chloride as it can make the milk unusable, so stick to the dosage guide as outlined below.***

Small doses of Calcium chloride can be used to maintain vegetable crispness when brine pickling or vegetable fermenting.

Storage: Will last indefinitely if stored in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Dosage: 2.5ml per 10 litres of milk. (diluted in 1/4 cup of cooled, boiled water and then gently stirred through the milk)

Contents: 50ml

*** Store Calcium Chloride in refrigerator as soon possible after delivery. Do not freezer store***

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