Morgan's Ginger Beer

This is the new upgraded Morgan's Ginger Beer pouch. Just add 1.0kg of Dextrose and top up to 20lt. Ginger Beer yeast is included with Ginger Beer Pouch purchase.
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Morgan's Ginger Beer Kit

Morgans Ginger Beer Pouch

Morgans Ginger beer is formulated with the perfect balance of beer malt grains and Ginger.

Morgans ginger beer is great summer drink in a tall glass filled with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum and a slice of lime over ice.

Morgan's reveal to get the best outcome from this beer it should be fermented with dextrose brewing sugar.

Both non alcoholic and alcoholic version at 3.8% ABV can be made from this Ginger Beer pouch.

Morgan's Ginger Beer Yeast is included with this pouch so it is a kit.

Makes: 20 litre

For an enhanced bite you could add Morgan's Ginger Flavour

Contents: 1.0kg

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