Kegland 35lt Digi Boil

35lt Kegland Turbo boiler for making brewed in a bag home brewed beer.
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Total: $ 235.95

This 35lt Boiler is fantastic if you want a one vessel system for making home brewed beer especially grain in a bag brewing. It can be easily customised so you can ferment your brew in your boiler. It is also a great way to de-chlorinate water for beer making or simple cooking purposes.  A grain bag, hop sacks, wort chillers are accessories for this boiler for grain beer making. You can further simplify your grain beer making with a digital temperature controller.


- Concealed 2300 watt element for easy cleaning
- 900 Watt and 1400 Watt switching
- Boil dry protection
- Large 35L capacity
- Made from 404 stainless steel
- Handy stainless steel ball valve tap
- Stainless steel lid bored with 47mm hole including Silicon Seal
- Stamped Volume indicators 

 Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty ie: parts and labour from date of purchase.

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It is illegal to use this boiler to distill alcohol in Australia without licence from the Australian Taxation Office.

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