Briess Flaked Maize 500g

Brewer's flaked Maize increases the dryness and overall crispness of a beer.
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Briess Maltings Yellow Flaked Maize

Brewers Flaked Maize by Briess are used as a cereal adjunct in beer making. Brewer's Flaked Maize can be added to the mash without further processing.

They are pre-gelatinized flakes so they will give a higher yield and a more trouble-free brew than other flaked corns. 

Brewers Flaked Maize has been de-germed thus eliminating any rancidity.

Using pre-gelatinized Flaked Maize as an adjunct produces a lower color in the finished beer without lowering the original gravity.

Add Brewers Flaked Maize directly to the mash with the malts. Do not mill. 

Brewer's Flaked Maize will lower the maltiness of a beer, while increasing its dryness and overall crispness.

Sack size: 500g

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