Still Thermometer Bung

Still Spirits Condenser Thermometer Bung 22mm - 28mm 5mm bored hole
Still Spirits Black Condenser Thermometer Bung.
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Total: $ 5.25

The Still Spirits homebrew still, thermometer bung, is manufactured to fit earlier style homebrew still condensers. This is a tappered bung which sits in the top of the still condenser. Bung dimensions 28mm at the base , 22mm at the top. Bung length 25mm. Bored hole 5.75mm. Made for use at temperatures up to 1000C. Possesses resistance to alcohol vapour. Manufactured from black silicone. Used in conjunction with either a 150mm or 300mm mercury thermometer. May fit some Essencia and Still Spirits homebrew condensers.

*** Use food grade lubricant such as keg lube when inserting thermometer.***

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