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Morgan's Liquid Malts are available in a range of malt styles to suit the beer style being crafted by the home brewer. Unhopped malts will not distort the beer flavour being crafted. 1.5kg of liquid malt equals approximated 1.2kg of dry malt powder.

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Liquid Malts

Morgan's Wheat Master Malt

Concentrated wheat malts to create your own special beer.

Total: $ 15.95

Morgan's Caramalt Master Malt

Malty, toffee, caramel flavour and aroma.

Total: $ 15.95

Morgan's Dark Roasted Master Malt

Roasted bitter MOCHA flavours and aroma

Total: $ 15.95

Morgan's Extra Pale Master Malt

Used to make light coloured beer without affecting flavour.

Total: $ 15.95

Morgan's Pale Master Malt

Grainy candy flavour and aroma for that special beer.

Total: $ 15.95

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