Probe Element 2200 Watt

304 Stainless Steel Probe Element for open element boiler. 240volt 9.6Amp element in a 290mm x 25mm probe shaft.
Stainless Steel Probe Element
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304 Stainless steel probe boiler element. 230 - 240 volt DIN (Flat pins).

Probe length 290mm. Probe diameter 25mm. Shoulder diameter 38mm. Flange width: 40mm. Thread: 32 metric.

Requires matching power lead.

Suits exposed element: boilers, urns, pots, kegs. Includes silicone seal and lock nut.

This is a completely enclosed terminal element so there are no wiring connections to be performed by an electrician.

Can be used to replace burnt out hoop or loop elements in open element boilers.

Suits minimum 300mm boiler diameter.

Warranty: 1 year.

Operating advice:

  • Ensure element is covered by a minimum of 200mm of liquid when powered.
  • Always use boiler close to power source.
  • Do not use boiler leads attached to extension cords as overheating of leads may occur.
  • Ensure all leads are earthed leads.
  • Requires 9.6 Amp @ 230-240volt AC supply.
  • False temper colouring on element indicates lack of element coverage with fluid and will void warranty.

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