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Grain is offerred as uncracked grain. For a small fee grain can be milled . Fee applies per 500g sack. Please refer to milling service item on last page and select your chosen milling grade.

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500g Grain Malt

Simpsons Pale Maris Otter

Adds a rich malty flavour to a range of beer styles.

Total: $ 5.20

Joe White Black

Suits Old Style Ale,English Stout, Imperial Stout, and Dark ...

Total: $ 4.30

Joe White Vienna

Used in Vienna Lager, Marzen, Dunkelweizen and Bock

Total: $ 3.80

Joe White Light Munich

Munich malt is ideal for Dark Lagers, Bock, Oktoberfest ...

Total: $ 3.80

Joe White Wheat

Enhances head retention and increases foam

Total: $ 3.80

Joe White Medium Crystal

Contributes to the flavour, colour, head-retention and ...

Total: $ 4.30

Joe White Light Crystal

Can be used in any type of beer from golden lagers to ...

Total: $ 4.30

Simpsons Extra Pale Ale

Excellent malt producing low colour and a rich malty ...

Total: $ 4.50
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