Still Spirit Craft Gin Profile flavours allow the home brewer to craft gin recipes to suit their own taste. Other than providing the gin flavour basics  of: Juniper, orange, lemon, and peppers Still Spirits also offers  herb and spice flavours. Add to this  other delightful fruit flavours and your crafted home brew gin will achieve a new level of taste excellence.
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Craft Gin Profiles

Craft Gin Root Notes Profile

Root Notes offers an earthy root blend flavour with fruity ...

Total: $ 8.85

WBS Glycerine (Food Grade) 350ml

Smoothing agent for spirits and fondant making.

Total: $ 14.95

Craft Gin Bitter Orange Profile

Bitter Orange Profile offers an orange taste bite to your ...

Total: $ 8.85

Craft Gin Cinnamon & Cardamom Profile

A strong spicy flavour blend of warming Cinnamon and ...

Total: $ 8.85

Craft Gin Grapefruit Lime Profile

A bitter pink grapefruit flavour with hints of zesty lime

Total: $ 8.85

Craft Gin Almond Profile

Provides a strong, bitter Almond flavour with a rich nutty ...

Total: $ 8.85

Craft Gin Dark Fruits Profile

An intense dark fruit flavouring of sweet, earthy ...

Total: $ 17.70

Craft Gin Citrus Lemon Profile

Lemon Citrus offers fresh lemon with strong citrus aroma ...

Total: $ 8.85
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