These items are usually pre-wrapped, pre-bagged, boxed, kits, or packaged as a single item when multiple items. They are offerred as a single item for purchase. For the purpose of clarity for the purchaser they maybe advertised without wrapping, bagging, or manufacturer boxes. 

If you live in Ballandean, Crows Nest , Dalby, Gatton, Highfields , Laidley, Oakey, Meringindan, Millmeran, Pittsworth, Plainlands, Stanthorpe, or Toowoomba and purchase $110 - $130.00 of "consumable  goods only"  in one purchase from Brewing Supplies Online and your order meets stated  "conditions"  (It must fit into a single carton and weigh less than 2.5kg)  then it's  free freight for that purchase. Freight is calculated on actual mass or volumetric mass depending on which is the greater.

Brewing Supplies Online may apply purchase limits on an advertised product, sale item, or discount item as deemed necessary to ensure as many customers as possible are able to access advertised goods.

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Ball Lock Connect Pair Barbed

Gas and Liquid Post Connector pair.(Barbed)

Total: $ 21.99

Brumby Picnic Tap

Ideal for making keg system portable. 150psi hose.

Total: $ 18.99

Budget Wise ABS Pluto Gun Kit

ABS plastic body,ss piston & spring; food grade seals; ...

Total: $ 39.99

Co2 16g Threaded 4 Pack

Threaded 16g cylinder for Keg King and Brew Cellar portable ...

Total: $ 13.99

Cornelius 19ltr Keg Seal Kit

Cornelius keg lid seal kit with pressure relief valve and ...


Easy Siphon 3/8 (10mm) Regular Size Kit

580mm Easy Siphon Kit for racking beer or wine. Transfer ...

Total: $ 28.99

Turbo Boiler To Stainless Fermenter Kit

Converts Stainless Steel Turbo Boiler To Stainless Steel ...

Total: $ 49.95

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