Since 1989 Morgan's Brewing has been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. Morgan’s home brew beer kits are made in Australia  to suit Australian tastes. Whatever your tastes whether it be Pacific Pale Ale, a Blonde, Bitter, Lager, Draught, Pilsener or an Old style beer, Morgan’s Brewing have the home brew  kit for you. Morgan’s master brewers use only the finest quality barley and hops to ensure you have the best ingredients to create a brewing masterpiece.

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Morgans Brewing

Morgan's Canadian India Pale Ale

Golden colour, with a moderate head, and a pleasant hop ...

Total: $ 19.50

Morgan's Australian Draught

Golden colour, full flavour, traditional draught style beer.

Total: $ 19.50

Morgan's Australian Gold

A full flavoured mid strength beer.

Total: $ 19.50

Morgan's Australian Old

Australian Old has a robust flavour with hints of coffee ...

Total: $ 19.50

Morgan's Cortes Cerveza

A unique pale Mexican style lager.

Total: $ 20.50

Morgan's Blue Mountain Lager

A pale refreshing lager with a light pleasing hop bouquet.

Total: $ 20.50

Morgan's Frontier IPA

A traditional IPA but with lower alcohol content

Total: $ 21.99

Morgan's Iron Bark Dark Ale

A hearty caramel roasted flavour, deep aroma, and nutty ...

Total: $ 20.50
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