Still Spirits Premium Classic spirit flavours allow the brewer to produce home brew spirits similar in style to some of the finest spirits in the world. Still Spirits Premium Classics are rated as a "Five Star" product. Making Classic Spirits is quick and easy - just mix your spirit essence with the required amount of 40% ABV Vodka or 40% ABV alcohol. Whether it is the popular Classic Whiskey, Classic American Bourbon, Classic Single Whiskey or Classic Queensland Rum Brewing Supplies Online offers Classic flavours which meet the most discerning tastes. Each Still Spirits Classic flavour will make 2 x 1.125 litres.

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Classic Flavour Packs

Classic Crafter's Cut Bourbon

Creates a rich and fruity bourbon with toasted oak and ...

Total: $ 13.99

Classic Whiskey

Classic Whiskey creates a whiskey similar in style to ...

Total: $ 13.99

Classic American Bourbon

American Bourbon flavour produces a bourbon of similar ...

Total: $ 13.99

Classic Tennessee Bourbon

Tennessee Bourbon flavour produces a bourbon similar in ...

Total: $ 13.99

Classic Queensland Gold Rum

Queensland Gold Rum is styled on Queensland's iconic rum.

Total: $ 13.99

Classic Single Whiskey

Single Malt is a similar style to quality Single Malt ...

Total: $ 14.99

Classic Shamrock Whiskey

Smooth malty flavour, notes of lemon, charred wood and ...

Total: $ 13.99

Classic Northern Whiskey

Northern Whiskey is similar in style to a Scottish Highland ...

Total: $ 13.99
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