Gold Medal Essences by Hauraki Brewing are unique spirit flavours crafted from quality ingredients sourced from France, UK, and the USA. Used by brewers to handcraft quality spirits. Named after the flavour master or regional spirit style of each crafted essence. Gold medal flavoured spirits are best enjoyed straight on the rocks or with chilled water. Gold Medal spirit flavours are available as the "Gold Medal Collection" which make 1.125lt and "Gold Medal" essences which make 2.25lt for each 50ml. Brewing Supplies Online currently only stocks the latter category.

Gold Medal Brochure
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Gold Medal Essence

Gold Medal - Bodines Bourbon

Makes: 2.25lt. A good, barrel aged, sour mash Bourbon ...

Total: $ 15.50

Gold Medal - Calypso Rum

Makes 2.25lt. A strong well aged dark rum flavour typical ...

Total: $ 15.50

Gold Medal - Glen Darrock Whisky

Makes: 2.25lt. A single malt style whisky essence full of ...

Total: $ 15.50

Gold Medal Gallahers Whiskey

Makes 2.25lt. A whiskey flavour which offers that special ...

Total: $ 15.50

Gold Medal - Mc Gregors Whisky

Makes 2.25lt. A fine scotch whiskey flavour with ...

Total: $ 15.50

Gold Medal - Qld Dark Rum

Makes 2.25lt. A rich, red brown Queensland style rum ...

Total: $ 15.50

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