Budget Wise ABS Pluto Gun Kit

ABS plastic body,ss piston & spring; food grade seals; budget wise disconnect.
Total: $ 39.99

Pluto beer guns are probably the most frequently used faucet dispensing tool for home brew kegs. They are easy to use and need very little maintenance other than flushing during line cleaning. They allow keg systems to be portable.

Our budget Pluto guns have a durable ABS plastic body fitted with: a stainless steel piston; a stainless steel spring; food grade rubber seals; and a stainless steel beer line barb. We have fitted 1.8m of quality 4mm beer line.  We suggest you start at a lower dispensing pressure say 9.5 PSI and tweak it progressively in "small" increments until you get your best dispensing pressure. The gas pressure you require may vary due to atmospheric temperature, equipment height above sea level, and CO2 volumes required for the beer type being dispensed.  On the keg end of the kit we have attached a Cornelius style barbed ball lock liquid disconnect.

Brewing Supplies Online budget pluto gun kit comes assembled for you and includes:
1 Stainless steel ABS Composite Pluto Gun (barbed fitting)
1.8m of 4.0mm quality, standard beer line
1 Cornelius ball lock liquid disconnect (barbed fitting)
2 stainless steel line clamps 

This kit should be regularly cleaned with a quality homebrew store beer line cleaner designed for this purpose and mixed as instructed. This will avoid dis-flavour or spoilage of your precious brew due to chemical contamination and even possible damage to your gun. 

Always use the correct cleaner for kegging equipment. We recommend using Sodium meta-silicate keg and line cleaner mixed as instructed to maximise the life of rubber components.

Warranty=Thirty (30) days fit for purpose or manufacture fault.

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