Effective filtering requires the right carbon for the product being filtered. There are different carbons for different filtering applications. Quality homebrew filtering carbon is activated at temperatures around 9000C during manufacture and chosen specifically for spirit filtering because of its pore size and its adsorbtion properties. Using the wrong carbon will cause inferior filtering.

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Spirit Carbon

Still Spirits EZ Filter Carbon Cartridge

Contains one replacement cartridge for home brew EZ Filter ...

Total: $ 7.99

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

Removes impurities during fermentation to improve spirit ...

Total: $ 4.50

Still Spirits Universal Carbon 600g

Still Spirits high grade pelletised activated carbon.

Total: $ 20.99

Warwick's Brewing Supplies Activated Spirit Carbon 500g

Granulated activated carbon (GAC)- high temp activated ...

Total: $ 11.99

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