Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale

A classic American West Coast craft style beer.
Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale Home Brew Beer Kit
Total: $ 22.50

Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale is a classic American West Coast craft style homebrew beer. Pacific Pale Ale is definitely the real deal. With a refreshing woodsy hop aroma backed up by a crisp clean hop bite. Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale has a rich amber colour, full malt character, and refreshing hop aroma.

Best Brewed with 1kg Brew Booster or 1.5kg Morgan’s liquid Master Malt Beer Enhancer . Alternatively two cans may be used to produce 23 litres of a full flavour homebrew beer.

We recommend dry hopping your hand crafted Pacific Pale Ale on day four with your favourite USA aroma hop.

Colour – 10 EBC* / Bitterness – 24 IBU*

Makes approx 23ltrs. Includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid.

Contents: 1.7kg

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