Used 19lt Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs

Good Condition.Minor imperfections. Pressure tested. 30 day warranty
Used & Tested 19lt Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs
Total: $ 99.99

Brewing Supplies Online used 19lt Cornelius Kegs kegs are visually inspected and pressure tested to ensure no leaks. Used kegs offer a more affordable option than when buying brand new. May contain soda drink traces.  We suggest upgrading the lid to a new lid with removable pressure relief valves and facilities for dry hop bombing your keg. Suggested cleaning agent is Brewer's Detergent (Sodium Meta-silicate).

Even though our kegs are second hand we provide a 30 day warranty. Always use non oxidising cleaners to prevent off tasting beer.

Warranty: 30 days from date of purchase.

 ** Home brew kegs are a pressure vessel and should be treated as such. Avoid using kegs with major dents or deep scratching. Any deep dent causing a crease renders the keg unsuitable for use. Do not substitute stainless steel components with copper or over tighten fittings beyond manufacturer specifications. Clean only with Keg and Line cleaner or Brewer's Detergent.**

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