Easy Siphon 3/8 (10mm) Regular Size Kit

580mm Easy Siphon Kit for racking beer or wine. Transfer spirit wash.
Brewing Supplies OnlineEasy 3/8 (10mm) x 500mm Long Syphon Kit
Total: $ 28.99

Very handy home brew tool from Brewing Supplies Online. Easy to use siphon kit for racking beer to kegs or wine to bottles. Great for transfering spirit wash. Handy clip on base to stop siphoning of sediment. Easily cleaned. Accessory hose cleaner available.

Kit includes regular size brewer's syphon:

(1) 3/8 (10mm) 580mm long siphon

(1) 3/8 (10mm) siphon clip

(1) 1.0 metre of 10mm PVC

Do not immerse for long duration in sanitiser as it will send it cloudy.

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