Since 1989 Morgan's Brewing has been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. Morgan’s homebrew beer kits are made in Australia  to suit Australian tastes. Whatever your tastes whether it be Bitter, Lager, Draught, Pilsener or Old, Morgan’s Brewing have the brewing kit for you. Morgan’s master brewers use only the finest quality barley and hops to ensure you have the best ingredients to create a brewing masterpiece.

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Morgan's Brewing

Morgan's Australian Bitter

Full-flavored, gentle malt character, full hop bitterness, ...

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Australian Blonde

Specially formulated, lower carb, full flavoured blonde ...

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Australian Lager

Crisp and bold in flavour, clean head and golden colour,

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Queenslander Bitter

Made in Queensland to match Queensland s favourite beer.

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Queenslander Gold

Made in Queensland to match Queensland's iconic XXXX GOLD ...

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Queenslander Lager

Full strength beer in the Queensland style, well balanced ...

Price: $ 17.99

Morgan's Pacific Pale Ale

A classic American West Coast craft style beer.

Price: $ 21.99

Morgan's Canadian Light

Kettled and formulated from traditional Canadian brewing ...

Price: $ 18.99
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