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Better Brew Filter

Filters unspent yeasts etc causing sediment. Does not ...

Price: $ 37.99

Easy Siphon 3/8 (10mm) Regular Size Kit

580mm Easy Siphon Kit for racking beer or wine. Transfer ...

Price: $ 28.99

Hop & Infusement Bomb (Stainless Steel)

Infusement Bomb suits hops,fruit,organics. 70mm dia,40cm ...

Price: $ 9.99

Long Brewer's Spoon 60cm

Long Plastic Brewer's Spoon for mixing kit beer wort, sugar ...

Price: $ 6.99

Long Plastic Paddle 60cm

Lower temperature 60cm long plastic mixing paddle

Price: $ 7.99

Stainless Steel Paddle 60cm (Stainless Steel)

One piece suitable for boiling temperatures.

Price: $ 43.99

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