Soda Stream Cylinder Adapter

Soda Stream cylinder to CO2 regulator adapter. Lets you use soda stream cylinder as a handy back up cylinder for dispensing home brew beer.
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Soda Stream CO2 Cylinder Adapter

This adjustable adapter allows a soda stream cylinder to be used for a range of gas applications.

Simply insert seal, attach to regulator connector and then attach soda stream cylinder.

Minor adjustment of internal jet valve with hex key may be required to match the gas cylinder size being used.

When used with a carbonation cap you can make up your own bottles of favourite soda flavours without being limited by bottle sizes, or your own bottles of pre-mix spirits  of various sizes for parties or picnics.

It also allows for portable party keg systems without having to use your refrigerator or kegerator gas cylinder.

Use Soda Stream cylinder as a back up standby cylinder for keg system.

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