Fridge Door Tap Tray 400mm

Fridge Door Tap Tray Suits Three Taps.400mm long
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Total: $ 69.99

Fridge door tap tray suits up to three swing handle taps. More if using forward pull taps. Dimensions: 400mm long x 160mm wide x 140mm high. Grilled tray trough size: 400mm approx x 160mmapprox  x 20mm. Grill tray is one piece for easy removal and cleaning. May be drilled to install drain plug if desired with Carbide tipped hole saw.

Ideal for when installing multiple long shank fridge door taps. Imagine one for beer, one for pre-mix, and one for non-drinker's fruit punch and a tray under it all to catch the spills.

Mass: 1.6kg

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