Haynes Lubri-Film Plus 113g

Hayes Lubri-Film for use in food or beverage equipment. Extra large 113g tube size. Four times the size of a regular tube but not four times the price.
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Haynes Lubri-Film Plus Keg Component Lubricant 113g

Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy duty, sanitary lubricant with high load bearing, low friction properties.

This lubricant is authorized by the NSF (rated H1) for use in food processing for incidental food contact.

All ingredients are FDA approved. Suitable for home brew keg systems and food processing equipment where lube may come in contact with food or beverage.

Haynes Lubri-Film provides a protective coating to all home brew taps or Pluto gun metal parts.

A thin film will retain effectiveness on bearings, slides for guns, disconnects etc and other lubricated surfaces despite moisture.

Because Lubri-Film stays on the work area, corrosion and wear of keg equipment is minimized.

This sanitary lubricant is highly resistant to separation or bleed into dispensed product.

It will not dry or gum up your equipment.

Ideal for use with dispensing units, home brew keg equipment, freezers, and stainless steel food equipment

Fantastic to have on hand as part of your home brew supplies when assembling home brew equipment, dispensing guns etc.

Contents: 113gms

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