AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Condenser.

The AlcoEngine is a full copper, liquid management, reflux condenser.
AlcoEngine Reflux Condenser
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AlcoEngine Reflux Condenser

AlcoEngine Full Reflux Copper Condenser

The AlcoEngine is a copper liquid management design reflux condenser.
This reflux condenser is Australian manufactured and based on Alex Bokakob's original condenser. 
The AlcoEngine Copper Reflux Condenser is capable of producing 94% purity product.
Manufactured with lead free brass.
Manufactured with lead free Silver Soldering
The AlcoEngine is water cooled and requires a constant flow water supply.
The extraction condenser comes with brass, barbed water fittings.
It utilises a fine calibration digital probe for water temperature readings.
Match up to either a 2000W or 2400W boiler.
Warranty: 1year

 AlcoEngine Instructions From Manufacturer.


Operating temperature may vary between locations. Product harvest strength may vary between users. Harvest quality and quantity is affected by the effectiveness of wash fermentation and prior processing of wash. We suggest a minimum of Turbo Yeast, Turbo Carbon, and Turbo Clear finings are used in a  wash prior to using this condenser.


It is illegal to distill alcohol in Australia without a licence from the Australian Taxation Office.

***Replacement Consumables Available As Needed***



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