Collagen Sausage Casing - Size 30

Misty Gully Size 30 Collagen casings provide enough casings to make approximately 10 kilos of thicker diameter breakfast sausages.
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Misty Gully Collagen Casings Size 30

Misty Gully Size 30 Collagen Casings are suitable for thick breakfast sausages, or a sausage style of your choice. Each pack contains enough casings to make up to 10kg of sausages.

They are easy to use by the novice craft food maker. They are easy to handle as they are dry casings. There is no need to soak them prior to use as they absorb moisture from your minced meat blends. Another great feature is they can be stored without being refrigerated. The Size 30 casings offered by Brewing Supplies Online make a sausage up to 30mm in diameter.

Misty Gully Collagen Casings are an easy to use casing for the home brewer who wants to craft their food at  home. 

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