Raschig Rings 310g

Raschig ceramic refractory for Zeus reflux condenser, Air Still, and turbo boilers. Small compact ceramic creating a large reflux area.
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Raschig Rings

 Ceramic Raschig Rings

p>Raschig ring reflux refractory for a still Condenser or for use in Air Still  boiler. These ceramic reflux rings are regarded by the  manufacturers as being 50% more efficient than cast ceramic berls or saddles. Due to their smaller size the air gap between adjoining reflux refractory is significanlty reduced allowing more reflux ceramics in the same space. The outcome is lower overall refractory design volume with out reducing reflux efficiency.

Using Rashig rings allow condenser towers to made much shorter than when stainless steel wadding or lost quality ceramic saddles are used without decreasing tower reflux efficiency. When replacing Zeus tower Rashig rings ensure a minimum 80mm air gap occurs between top of tower and top of Rachig rings.

Clean Raschig rings with diluted Citric acid then rinse with Bi-carbonated soda and water mix.

Contents: 310g

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