Mad Millie Annatto 50ml

Annatto, a natural yellow-orange colour for Cheddar and Colby.
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Milk is naturally white. The processes and ingredients used in making most kinds of cheese will not significantly change the colour of the finished product. To change the colour of the finished product requires the addition of a food colouring.


Annatto is a natural, yellow-orange food colouring, extracted from the seed of the South American Achiote tree. 

The dairy industry uses Annatto extract to impart the appealing yellow or orange hue to various types of cheese and butter.

Annatto has a relatively high pH and as such may reduce rennet’s ability to create a solid curd.

How to Use Annatto:

Always dilute the required amount of Annatto extract in 10ml of cooled, boiled water before stirring it through the milk and prior to adding the rennet.

Suggested dosages as a guide are:

Gouda, Swiss, butter 1 drop per litre
Cheddar, Colby
2 – 3 drops per litre
Red Leicester 4 drops per litr

*** Annatto is light sensitive and will lose its potency over time so is best stored in a cool, dark place ***

Contents: 50ml

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