Still Spirits Filter Pro

Stainless Steel Granulated carbon filter assembly for polishing eight litres of alcohol or clear spirit.
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Still Spirits Filter Pro With Box

Still Spirits Filter Pro

The Still Spirits Filter Pro carbon filter assembly is for filtering and polishing spirits by brewers who prefer loose carbon filtering.

 Fabricated from safe 304 stainless steel.

No risk of harmful chemicals being dissolved into your spirits from unsuitable plastic components.

The Still Spirits Filter Pro can process 8 litre of spirits as a vertical (gravity-fed) filter.

It uses 500g of spirit "Finishing" Carbon which produces a better polished spirit than other available carbons.

With easy-to-use tri-clamps, flow control and a removable door and wall mount, polishing your spirit is no longer a chore!


Made from 304 grade stainless steel.
Filters 8L of spirit at a time.
Uses up to 500g of loose Spirit Finishing Carbon.
Uses secondary filter papers to prevent dust and carbon particles passing to collected spirits.
Long stainless-steel shaft increases contact time with the carbon.
Filter where you want with the removable door & wall mount.
Easy to connect tri-clamps & adjustable flow-control.


1 Hopper,
1 Hopper Lid,
1 Wall-mounted bracket,
1 Door-mounted bracket,
2 Mounting fasteners,
1 Filter Column, 
1 Ball Valve,
2 Tri-clamp clamps,
2 Tri-clamp seals,
1 Filter papers pack of 5,
1 Loose Spirit Finishing Carbon 500g


**Designed for use with Spirit Grade Filtering Carbon.**


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