UFO Cold Smoke Creator

The UFO Cold Smoke Creator is perfect for cold smoking biltong jerky, cheese, vegetables, fish, prawns, and ham!
UFO Cold Smoke Creator
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UFO Cold Smoke Creator

The UFO Cold Smoke Creator produces cold smoke at approx. 3-5°C above ambient temperature (i.e 20°C outside temperature,  23-25°C inside smoking   vessel). It's perfect for cold smoking of everything from cold smoke biltong jerky, to cheese, to fish and even traditional ham!

The UFO Cold smoke Creator has been designed to be retro-fitted to any structure that can contain smoke. Simply drill a hole using the drill bit provided in the side of any of the following:

  • Traditional stainless steel smoking box hooded barbecue
  • Hark Smoker gas or electric smoker
  • A wine barrel with a lid
  • Any UFO Cooker
  • Filing cabinet
  • Small walk in shed
  • Any home made vessel that will basically contain smoke
  • Yes even a cardboard box!

*** When fitted to a unit with a heating source (eg The burners on a hooded barbecue), you can turn on the heating source while smoking to "hot smoke" your food

Mass: 2kg

Must be used with smoking CHIPS or PELLETS

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