Green Living Cheese Making Salt 450g

Green Living Australia cheese making salt is large grained Iodine free salt ideal for cheese making and preserving.
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Green Living Australia Cheese Making Salt

Green Living Cheese Making salt from Brewing Supplies Online is cheese & preserving salt with large grains, and large faceted crystals, with an open granular structure. The grain size and structure allows it to absorb more moisture than other forms of salt.

Cheese & Preserving Salt contains no iodine. Iodine will kill the lactic bacteria in the aging process of cheese, and it is this lactic bacteria that is so important to the proper aging of your cheese.

Green Living Cheese & Preserving salt is used to help in flavour production, preservation and brining of your cheese and preserves.

It is vital that you use non-iodized salt during your cheese making as the iodine component of iodized salt inhibits and can actually kill all the bacterial and mould cultures that you actually want in your cheese.

Salt also improves the flavour of some cheeses.

Contents: 450g

**Cheese making salt can be used for cheese making and preserving.**

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