5lt Glass Fermenter Kit

5lt Glass fermenter for small batch wine making. Narrow neck fermenter reduces oxidisation during wine clearing.
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This 5lt glass fermenter is ideal for small batch wine or mead. Made from durable, easy to sanitise tinted glass. Small neck reduces wine oxidisation during clearing. Replacement swing frames and silicone washers are available when needed. Perfect match for our wine siphons when clearing and filtering.

Warning do not carry or drag glass demijohns by neck or attach carry handles to neck. Always support a  large glass demijohn by its base when moving. Severe injuries may result from shattered glass.

1 Glass Demijohn - 5lt
1 Demijohn swing top frame
1 Digital stick on thermometer
1 High temperature silicone bung
1 Three piece bubbler

Warranty: 30 days.

Even though goods are well packed Brewing Supplies Online does not warranty glass items from breakages during delivery as freight service is provided by a third party.

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