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Preserving Hardware and Cultures

Preserving Tips:

  • Use chlorine free water
  • Limit oxidisation by fully submerging all of your ferment
  • Clean your work area and equipment.
  • Use a sanitiser for your  fermenter and bottlles
  • Focus on controlling unwanted wild bacteria
  • Hot water only offers short term pasturisation
  • Sanitising protects during fermentation and storage
  • If your ferment has Blue, Purple or Orange bacteria throw out your ferment
  • Use a fermenter with an airlock to limit unwanted wild bacteria
  • Lacto-fermentation can be assisted by salt if not using a fermentation culture
  • Sea salt, Iodine free salt, and Kosher salt all work equally well
  • Commercial cultures provide repeatable fermentation outcomes
  • Don't ferment in glass containers without using an airlock
  • Similarly the ferment can be acidic so don't ferment in metal containers
  • Maintain product crispness with  cheese makers Calcium Chloride
  • Pickling or preserving can produce colour and texture loss
  • You can preserve fruit with high ABV alcohol or flavoured spirits

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