Three Lever Gilder Corker

Hand corker with jaws to compress cork before plunging into bottle.
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Total: $ 35.99

This hand held corker is similar to a floor corker where the cork is compressed  prior to being plunged into the bottle. It does not reduce the length of the cork after corking. The cork uses 4 nylon jaws to manually compress the cork via two handles and the cork is lunged with the top lever. The denser corks like VHA are difficult to use with this corker due to the density of the cork.

Use with these corks only:
VHD 45x24mm
VH7 38x21mm
VH8 38mm x22mm
VH8 44mm x22mm
VHC 38mm x24mm
VHN 37x22mm
*** Soak modern corks in warm sanitiser. Never boil modern corks.***

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