Flip Top Bottles 750ml x 12

Grolsch style 750ml flip top beer bottles. Box of 12.
750ml Amber Flip Top Bottles x 12
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 Mangrove Jack's Amber Flip Top Bottles Box of 12

Mangrove Jack's 750ml flip top bottles are suitable for any fermented homebrew beverage whether it is beer, cider, mead, ginger beer, sarsaparilla,  Kefir water, or Kombucha tea. They are similar in style to European Grolsch bottles. Each box contains 12 x 750ml flip top bottles.

Amber Flip Top bottles limit product age darkening due to light exposure making them ideal for storage of fermented beverages.

Replacement silicon seals or rubber seals are available for purchase. Replacement swing clips are available for purchase in packs of six (6).

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