Brewer's Heater Belt 30Watt

Home brew heater belt for winter time brewing of ales, washes, musts etc. Low power consumption. Couple with digital controller for automatic temperature control.
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Heater Belt Bundled 30Watt
Brewer's Heater Belt 30Watt

Brewer's Heater Belt 30Watt

Heater belts offered by Brewing Supplies Online are suitable for almost any home brew fermentation process.

Home brew heater belts are especially helpful for preventing yeast stalling due to cold weather.

Heating belts are preferable to heating pads because they can be moved to increase or decrease the temperature during fermentation.This limits undesirable flavours when fermenting. 

Costs only cents per day to run.  To vary the temperature simply move up or down the fermenter wall.

Connect to digital controller for absolute precision temperatures in a brewing fridge.

Constant temperature means consistent flavour. Slower brewing means clearer beer and better flavour.

Double insulated with a one year replacement warranty. Complies to Australian Standards for user safety.

Suitable for: beer, cider, mead, spirits, wine making,  and cheese making applications requiring fermenting temperatures between 250C and 350C. May be used with stainless steel or plastic fermenting vessels.

May be used in side brewing fridge in-conjunction to a digital controller unit to prevent over heating.


Length:900 mm belt with 2m power line
Power: 220V-250V /30w, .125Amps approximately
Double insulated for operator safety

Warranty: 1 year.


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