Activated Granulated Carbon 500g

Granulated activated carbon (GAC)- high temp activated carbon.
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Activated carbon is manufactured in a number of types, grades, and shapes. There is no one type of carbon which fits all applications. Even though it may often look the same it has uniquely different applications due to its manufacturing process, base materials used, primary graphite compound achieved, grain size, micro pore size, and other product characteristics. What may work well in one application may work poorly in another.

Spirit Carbon is either granulated carbon or the more expensive extruded carbon made from powdered carbon. Our granulated carbon (GAC) is a grade and micro pore size chosen for effective home brew spirit filtering. Fermented spirit other than containing ethanol also contain fusel oils or as it is sometimes called low grade, off tasting alcohols. Spirit filtering carbon is able to capture a number of chemicals to polish the distilled product. Inferior carbons can not achieve the same quality of spirit filtration.

Activated granulated carbon is internally porous which helps it to be adsorbic. It is able to capture gaseous and oil compounds as a filtering agent. Spirit filtering is further enhanced by the carbon's micropore size and pore shape. Carbon filtering though can not remove micro-organisms. However if coupled with a ceramic filter stone granulated spirit carbon can achieve above 99.0% purity . Other grades of carbon if incorrectly used for spirit filtering will produce a lower standard filtering outcome.

Loose carbon filtering requires contact with as much carbon as possible and a very slow product flow through rate for maximum effectiveness. Filtering most often takes several days to filter small quantities of product. For maximum product quality carbon should be replaced regularly. Limited recycling may occur with filtering carbons because repurposing requires heating the carbon to temperatures approaching 800 Celcius and then chemical re-activation using Hydrochloric acid.

***Store unused carbon in air tight containers as it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Wash spirit carbon in warm water before use as residual acid salts may be present from manufacture. Use in conjunction to filter papers or filter wool in filter systems. ***


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